Paul Redman, Director, lighting cameraman, editor and activist:

Founder and Executive Director at ‘If Not Us Then Who’ a US based charity that uses strategic communication techniques to support the demands of indigenous and local communities across the tropical forest regions. This work includes building alliances through yearly communication events in cities globally. These events range from 4-day dialogues with influencers and creatives to outdoor projections, innovative protests and TED style talks. In addition I have created participatory short films in indigenous communities, trained and equipped local filmmakers and developing ifnotusthenwho.me as a distribution platform for locally produced content. If Not Us Then Who has built strong partnerships with over 40 major organisations and has been featured in a number of major news outlets including The Guardian, BBC, New York Times, Le Monde and El Pais.

I continue to work freelance as a multi-award winning documentary filmmaker exploring the use of storytelling to amplify and empower new leaders.  Directing, filming and editing a variety of films on a range of subjects including, Indigenous peoples, the trade in tiger parts, whale and dolphin trade, illegal logging and the ivory trade. My work has involved extensive travel in hazardous environments using both open and covert filming techniques. The footage has been used in news features and for programming on BBC, Sky, CNN and a number of other major broadcasters. Regular clients include major development funders (UK DFID, European Forestry Institute, the Ford Foundation, Climate & Land Use Alliance, The Tenure Facility) and non-governmental organisations (Amnesty, WSPA, EIA, RRI, FoE). I have been nominated three times for the Filmmakers for Conservation, ‘Filmmaker of the Year Award’.

Tanah Batak, North Sumatra. 2014


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