Lima Itinerant Film Festival – November 2014

In November 2014, we premiered 2 new Peruvian films and hosted a roving film festival just days ahead of COP20. Take a look at how the festival went.

You can find other short films on a similar issue at If Not Us Then Who:

The films are a culmination of more than two years of participatory filming by Handcrafted Films. From Indonesia to Peru, we have been working with local partners to articulate individual stories through film.

Using the powerful visuals they are now organising a global roadshow in the lead up to COP21 in Paris. Our aim is to draw attention to the wider issue of deforestation, community-based solutions and ultimately to put pressure on governments and their commitment to slow climate change.

Our Fight

A hectic edit and filming trip from the 5th to the 17th of November. 5 days of filming, 5 days of editing, some travel time, some promotional time and a press conference. Exhausting.