• Director, lighting cameraman and editor with over 16 years experience documenting campaigns globally
  • Short and longer form films regularly directed, filmed and edited for a diverse range of clients.
  • Extensive Hostile environment experience.
  • Founding director of award winning production company, Handcrafted Films


Edit suite, HD camera kits, numerous lighting and sound equipment.

Handcrafted Films highlights:

  • Project Director, director, camera operator and editor for the, ‘If not us then who?’ series launched in New York during the 2014 Ban Ki Moon Climate Change Summit. The project is an going series of films about forest peoples shot on location in Brazil, Central America and Indonesia funded by the Ford Foundation. The project includes a series of exhibitions developed globally partnering with a wide variety of Indigenous Filmmakers, Indigenous Organisations and major Non-Governmental Organisations in the lead up to the 2015 Climate Change conference in Paris.
  • Directed a 52 minute film broadcast in France during the Paris Climate Change conference – produced in partnership with Shine TV, LCP AN and Ushuaia TV
  • Directed and filmed numerous films for Amnesty International including the Vimeo Official Selection, ‘Freedom in Your Hands’ & the ‘I Talk Out Loud’ Series.
  • ‘5×5 Voices of Change From the Forests of Indonesia’.Directed and filmed an award winning series funded by the UK government’s Department for International Development(DFID), that involved travel to Indonesia documenting the problems caused by forest destruction.
  • Forest Law Enforcement Governance & Trade’. Directed and filmed a series of films for the European Forestry Institute that involved travel to Ghana, Congo, Liberia and Belgium documenting the impacts of the European timber trade.

Various freelance filming and editing for corporate and broadcast clients

Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) investigation highlights:

From 2001 to 2013 I travelled extensively on investigative trips in small 2 or 3 person crews using covert and open filming techniques on broadcast quality equipment in hazardous environments. I was also responsible for editing the material for news and for advocacy.

Some specific examples:

  • Up for Grabs’, filming in Papua, Indonesia, in an area where journalists are banned, to produce testimonies and evidence from communities exploited by oil palm companies.
  •  ‘Borderlines’, an investigation in Laos to film timber crossing into Vietnam and local communities affected by the timber trade.  The report was shown on BBC news and a number of other major news outlets.
  • Tibetan Tiger Skin Trade’ in Tibet, China, in an area where access is incredibly difficult, we documented the trade in Tiger skins that eventually lead to Tibetans refusing to wear skins. The footage was featured on most major news channels and I was interviewed live on BBC World news. ‘Saving the Big Cats: Stopping the Trade’ was nominated in the Wildscreen 2006 campaign award.

Activist Training

‘Media-based Campaign training’ – developed training materials on GPS, photography, filming, editing and advocacy techniques. Over 10 years spent routinely travelling to Indonesia, Papua, India and Tanzania for extensive training programs. This has included:

  • 3 years training activists in Tanzania with 2-3 visits to Tanzania a year – resulting in a number of significant achievements
  • 3 years training activists in Indonesia’s, Papua Province resulting in the completion of a number of locally made campaign films
  • 3 years training activists across Indonesia resulting in the formation of 3 local TV stations and the development of an award winning media organization


  • Nominated for the 2006, 2008 and 2010 Filmmakers for Conservation (FFC), ‘Filmmaker of the Year Award’ at the Wildscreen Festival in Bristol
  • Winner at Montana International Wildlife Film Festival for: Best Cultural Message and Best Film for a Government Agency
  • Nominated in the Wildscreen 2006 campaign award
  • Vimeo 2010 official selection.
  • Focus Forward Film competition semi finalist 2012
  • Finalist at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival 2015
  • Winner ‘Films for the Forest Festival’ 2016
  • Winner ‘Los Angeles Film Review’ 2015
  • Official Selection at the ‘Socially Relevant Film Festival’ 2015 & 2016

Relevant Skills and additional information

Ba Honours in Film & Video at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design – 2:1

Technical Manager at the Tacchi Morris Theatre and over 6 years as a lighting technician at Stage Electrics.

Various experimental video and lighting pieces with theatre practitioners Guy Dartnell and Niki McCretton including a show that featured at the Edinburgh festival.

Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa

President of the documentary jury at the Amazonas International Film Festival, 2006

Co-presenter in the 2011 National Geographic Series on EIA, ‘Crimes against Nature’


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