The Knasaimos People

Knasaimos People
Serimuk, West Papua, Indonesia

The Knasaimos people were severely affected by the illegal logging trade. This trade destroyed the livelihoods and social structure of their villages. A recent government enforcement action has since clamped down on this illegal logging. The film highlights the success of the enforcement and examines how the local communities will benefit from an increased share and control of their ancestral forestland.

Affiliated Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO):

The Environmental Investigation Agency and Telapak have worked with the Knasaimos people since 2002. The two NGOs exposed the rampant illegal logging in the area that led to the government enforcement action in 2005. This work is part of their global campaign to promote ideas and distribute information to improve forest policy in Indonesia and throughout the world. They have since been initiated into the Knasaimos Tribe and continue to help them decide their future.

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