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The Ark

8 Aug

A film I Directed, my talented brother Joel Redman shot and the excellent Tim Lewis produced.

In the face of rising extinction rates in animal species, The Frozen Ark Project aims to collect and save tissue containing DNA from creatures facing extinction and to store these valuable specimens for posterity.

I made the film because it helped me to legitimise some of the thoughts I was having about my approach to conservation. With the conservation world increasingly justifying itself on an economic basis, it was liberating to hear Professor Bryan Clarke talking about how it’s not only possible but perfectly legitimate to be motivated to conserve simply because nature, in all its many and varied forms, is beautiful.

I hope it encourages more people to talk about conservation based on emotion rather than reducing the magnificence of the natural world to nothing more than its perceived economic value and possible financial benefits.

This film was intended to be part of a longer film on an endemic amphibian species but that was difficult to justify to commissioners, so we made this, and it helped to calcify some things in my head. Enjoy

Stop GM in Europe

20 Mar

A film on GM produced for Sourced TV, Corporate Observatory Europe and Friends of the Earth.

We are Amnesty Students

6 Feb

A short film produced for Amnesty

Water fights, flash mobs, cakes, pride, Pride, silliness, huge victories, waving your arms manically, having your MP listen to you. Amnesty students reveal what standing up for human rights on campus is really like. Join us, why wouldn’t you?

Direction/Camera/Edit – Paul Redman
Producer/Sound – Tim Lewis
Executive Producer – Laura Francis

Appetite for Destruction: China’s trade in illegal timber

29 Nov

Report and video by the Environmental Investigation Agency

Edit: Paul Redman

Music Jamie Elkins

Voice over: Tom Arnold

Sound Studio: Jon Walker


Stop All Ivory Trade – a short film produced for EIA

27 Mar


Music by Jon Walker

Debbie Banks – EIA Tiger Campaigner

6 Feb

Mary Rice & the EIA Ivory Campaign

28 Nov

Up for Grabs screening in Finland tonight

6 Oct

‘Up for Grabs, Oild Palm Expansion in Papua’ is screening at the  SIEMENPUU INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL in Helsinki tonight –

Click here to watch the film


‘I Talk Out Loud’ – Eastlea Youth Group

21 Sep

Will Ebu, Denys, Kira, Vanessa and the rest of the gang be able to express their message? Will they be able to take their campaign to end stoning all the way to the Iranian Embassy? ‘Discover the difference standing up for human rights makes, not only for those you campaign for, but also yourself.’

Director/Principal Camera – Paul Redman
Producer/Sound – Tim Lewis
Executive Producers – Laura Francis and Anne Montague
Additional Photography – Danny Spencer and Robyn Stainthorpe
Music – Jamie Elkins and Jon Walker
Edited – Paul Redman and Tim Lewis


29 Jul

A video I recently edited at EIA with some of my old footage and lots of fantastic new investigative work by the EIA team.


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