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Eviction – Nicaragua, A Death in the Forest

23 Sep

Alastair James, ‘A Simple Message’

4 Jun

‘The Handcrafted Sessions’, a fantastic series of recordings from the heart of London, inside a Handcrafted cellar, with Run Aground Records.

Stop GM in Europe

20 Mar

A film on GM produced for Sourced TV, Corporate Observatory Europe and Friends of the Earth.

We are Amnesty Students

6 Feb

A short film produced for Amnesty

Water fights, flash mobs, cakes, pride, Pride, silliness, huge victories, waving your arms manically, having your MP listen to you. Amnesty students reveal what standing up for human rights on campus is really like. Join us, why wouldn’t you?

Direction/Camera/Edit – Paul Redman
Producer/Sound – Tim Lewis
Executive Producer – Laura Francis

Solidarity For Women’s Rights Defenders in Afghanistan

3 Jan

This film follows the brave work being carried out by ‘Young Women for Change’, an organisation based in Afghanistan. Comprised of young women and men, they are taking a stand against human rights abuses and are empowering women to take part more actively in society, throughout a country destroyed by conflict. Their amazing work has influenced young Amnesty International activists to stand in solidarity with them here in the UK.

Direction & Photography – Paul Redman
Producer, Sound & Editor – Tim Lewis
Executive Producer – Laura Francis
Music – Chris Zabriskie

Inspirational People – Ama and the Bulldozer

1 Nov


‘Inspirational People’, a new series strand by Handcrafted Films, looks at some of the inspiring individuals we have met through our work. Ama Ntowaa, a widow in her sixties who supports six children, single handedly stopped an aggressive timber company extracting lucrative mahogany trees Illegally from her farm. This is her unique and inspiring story

Climate Change film for Friends of the Earth

10 Nov

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